We believe that for both individuals and businesses, a focus on sustainability has become a must. Are you and your company making the right choices?

Simply by choosing to conference with us, you are doing your bit for the environment. Our certified carbon neutral programme, in partnership with impactChoice, provides benefits to local communities in the Lake Kariba area by:

  • Providing year-round food security
  • Protecting local biodiversity and conserving natural resources
  • Creating employment opportunities
  • Facilitating new sources of sustainable income generation
  • Promoting gender parity and the empowerment of women
  • Strengthening social infrastructure through education and healthcare
  • After your conference, you will receive a certificate via email, proving that the carbon created by your conference has been offset. This can be used directly towards your company’s sustainability report and shared via social media.

    Some other green aspects when conferencing with us:

    • Each venue is equipped with separate bins for items that can be recycled or composted
    • Eco-friendly stationery such as recycled pencils and notepads printed on recycled paper at a carbon neutral printer
    • Filtered still and sparkling water is bottled on site, eliminating the carbon footprint associated with conventional water bottling processes and transportation and the chemicals associated with PET plastic bottled water.
    • All food items for catering are responsibly sourced
    • Chalkboards are available in every room to encourage delegates to share ideas in a way that doesn't use any energy or paper
    • Natural lighting reduces the use of electricity and adds to delegates' feeling of well-being
    • Energy efficient air-conditioning systems, lighting and energy star rated technology
    • Dual flush toilets using water from the grey-water recycling system servicing the conference area reduce water consumption

    More green aspects

    Visit our green credentials page for more info, or fill in an enquiry form.

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