# 1


Some of our artwork is created with reused materials showing that they still carry value.

# 2


All lights are energy efficient LEDs

# 3


Windows are spectrally selective and double glazed for greater heat load and noise reduction

# 4


All taps and sanitary fittings are "low flow" and aerated to minimise water usage

# 5


The dual flush toilet is supplied with biologically recycled grey water from showers and baths

# 6


All bedrooms are kept at a comfortable, energy efficient temperature

# 7

Free workout

Take the stairs and save energy!

# 8

Natural ventilation and CO monitoring

Our natural ventilation and light shafts in the basement save energy. By monitoring carbon monoxide levels in the basement we are able to use extraction fans only when necessary, thus saving electricity and ensuring the safety of our guests.

# 9

Roof & PV Panels

Our roof has a high solar reflectance index and an insulation layer both to reduce the heat load and noise in the building. 220 photovoltaic panels on the roof and northern façade of the hotel contribute approx. 210kWh of electrical energy per day.

# 10

Drip irrigation

Landscapes are irrigated with non-potable water using drip irrigation to save water. All vegetation that has been planted is indigenous or endemic and water-wise. Vegetation was selected, where possible, to have high carbon capturing potential.

# 11

Plant room & geothermal ground loop

Our state of the art cooling/heating system achieves exception efficiencies by using heat pumps coupled to 100 boreholes and 11km of geothermal ground loops that use the earth as a thermal battery.

# 12

Recycling & composting

We aim for "zero waste to landfill"! All waste is sorted on site and where possible, recycled. With our suppliers we have developed special, reusable containers to avoid packaging. Food waste is composted or fed to our worm farm and goes back into the eco-system.

# 13


Please enjoy a stroll or a jog around our eco-trail and experience the pleasure of being outdoors. Take some time to appreciate the beauty of nature and the environment. Look out for birds and other small indigenous wildlife.

# 14

Regenerative drive on lifts

The elevators use regenerative braking on its "light" travel cycles saving 30% of the energy it would normally use. You can generate power for the building by taking the stairs up and taking the lift down!

# 15

Designated parking

We prioritise parking for guests driving electric or hybrid vehicles as well as car pooling to encourage this sustainable practise.

# 16

Occupancy sensors

Lighting and air-conditioning in public areas is controlled by occupancy sensors to reduce unnecessary use.

# 17

Energy generating gym equipment

Please use the gym equipment to generate power whilst having fun and earning a Verdino.

# 18

Rainwater / Sub-soil water

Our 40,000 litre stainless steel tank (AISI 316) stores rainwater and sub-soil drainage water and is used for irrigation, car-washing and external cleaning.

# 19

Cobiax void former

This 100% recycled polypropylene Cobiax void former is like the 46,000 others throughout the hotel's concrete slabs. Together they have contributed to a concrete saving of 1279 tonnes or 34% of the 5 floor slabs' weight whilst maintaining the structure's integrity. Other follow-on benefits include fewer and smaller beams, reduced columns, bases and footings and increased head-height of each floor.